Abacus Training at Schools

We are the Pioneer in Abacus School training and provide all kind of Academic, Manpower, Marketing and Promotional support to start and setup School Abacus Center at your School premises. We have developed unique methodology for implementation of Brain Development Courses. Our Coaching will show a Dramatical Improvement in Their Overall Academic Performance, Memory Power, Concentration, Creativity & Mathematical Ability. Our Training is Quality Oriented and we guarantee Distinguished Training Course for Students in Registered Schools. Speed and Accuracy of your child’s Mental Visualizations can be fostered by our slow and dedicated learning methods.

Get Registered and Spark your Student’s Creativity. Hurry Up Schools

Abacus School Program

Abacus Learning can introduce as a part of school Curriculum or as After School Activity which help to foster child’s Problem Solving Capability.

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Physical Mode Coaching

Avail our Abacus Learning Classes with Practical and physical training.

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Access to study portal

Each student gets access to study portal with 1000+ sums, 100+ Moral Stories, 2000+ words Vocabulary, 100 + Modeling Leaders and more.

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Physical Classes

Our Trained Faculty will take physical Classes to all students.

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Training Kits for Students

Get Learning materials for Students which helps in their overall development including vocabulary, mathematical ability and concentration.

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Online & Offline Exams & Certification

Centralized Online & Offline Examinations and Certifications of International Standard.

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Full Support

Instant support for students in abacus learning.


  • Abacus And Mental Arithmetic Program.
  • Brain Development Activities
  • Life Skills through stories
  • Puzzles to improve logical and vocabulary
  • Story Narration and Vocabulary Building program
  • Memory Improvement; Learn How to Memorize program.
  • Personality and Confidence Development
  • Role modeling successful personalities.

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